Hot-Stone Full Body Massage – £65.00 - 90 Minutes

A highly therapeutic massage using the energy and heat retaining properties of volcanic basalt stones. Deep and fast penetration of the muscles is achieved to release tension in the body and promote profound relaxation. The warm stones will be used as an extension of your therapist’s hands, as well as being expertly placed on energy centres of the body. With the addition of Signature Body Oils, this treatment becomes a truly blissful experience.

Hot-Stone Back Massage – £30 - 30 Minutes

A classic back massage using the highly therapeutic volcanic basalt stones to promote relaxation. The perfect quick fix.

Back Massage - £25.00 - 30 Minutes

A classic back massage to relieve tension and customised to your specific needs. The perfect treatment if you cannot spare the time for a full body massage.

Full Body Massage – £45.00 - 60 Minutes

Indulge in this truly luxurious full body massage. A bespoke body treatment to enhance your well being and lift your mood.

Express Ritual - £25.00 – 30 Minutes

A classic back, neck and shoulder massage to help relieve specific areas of tension, followed by a calming chest, face and scalp massage. A treatment perfect for the best of both worlds.

Hopi-Ear Candles – £30.00 - 45 Minutes

This treatment helps rebalance, soothe and draw out impurities. It is a pain free treatment and a natural alternative to syringing. Ideal treatment for those who suffer from head colds, hay fever, excessive earwax, migraines and sinusitis or just needing a pamper! To end this rebalancing treatment, you will have an indulgent chest, face and scalp massage with pressure points.