The Kickstart – £50.00 – 30-45 Minutes

If you are wanting to rid your face of all the fine hairs (peachy fuzz) and reveal a glowing complexion then DermaPlaning is the treatment for you! This treatment will also remove dead skin cells and exfoliate the skin, ending the treatment with a skin booster for that longer lasting glow!

The Ultra-Deep Clean – £65.00 – 60 Minutes

This facial is an extra special take on ‘The Kickstart’. This includes all of the ‘Kickstart’ facial along with our instant painless peel which softly soothes the skin and re arranges the skin texture. The Pure mask will then soothe your skin to give intensive relief, rejuvenation and hydration, followed by a deeply relaxing shoulder, face and scalp massage.

The Cinderella Facial

Be the first to try our brand new facial. A medical-grade, luxury treatment that provides immediate results!

This treatment includes an instant painless peel which will gently exfoliate the skin, removing the top layer of dead skin cells. The rejuvenation mask with hyaluronic acid will sooth, hydrate and tighten the skin. You will be cocooned under our heated blanket and treated to a luxury chest face and scalp massage followed by a hand, arm and foot massage leaving you feeling brand new!

It’s your time to glow! 60 minutes – £50.00

Caci Facials:

The new CACI Synergy system combines the functionality of our two best-selling systems, the CACI Ultra and the CACI Ultimate and introduces pioneering S.P.E.D™ microcurrent LED technology, a breakthrough new advancement in microcurrent therapy. For the first time on the market, skincare specialists will be able to harness the power of LED light therapy at the same time as using microcurrent. The dual action of simultaneous LED and microcurrent energy stimulates tissue regeneration and helps in the production of collagen. The synergy of these two technologies provides more visible and longer lasting results.

The Red Carpet - £90.00 – 90 Minutes – Course of 10, 90 Minute treatments for £800.00

This facial combines our signature Non-Surgical facial toning with the skin rejuvenation benefits of both our Ultra and Ultimate treatments. It also introduces our breakthrough S.P.E.D Microcurrent LED technology which uses light therapy to enhance results providing the very best in CACI Non-Surgical Facial Toning. Ultrasonic peeling and orbital microdermabrasion are used to exfoliate leaving a brighter, smoother complexion. Microcurrent impulses combined with LED light therapy will then lift and tone the face and neck, followed by CACI’s unique Wrinkle Comb to target fine lines and wrinkles. After a course of treatments, you can expect to see a more youthful and toned appearance with glowing, healthy skin.

Synergy Purifying Facial - £60.00 – 60 Minutes

The Synergy Purifying facial targets blemishes, age spots and pigmentation. It combines anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory red and blue LED light therapy to help heal the skin and trigger tissue repair. The treatment uses our new S.P.E.D microcurrent LED technology to enhance results by combining CACI microcurrent high brilliance LED light therapy and ultrasonic peeling, or controlled orbital microdermabrasion, to exfoliate the skin and reveal a brighter, smoother complexion. To finish this treatment, you will receive a luxurious chest, face & scalp massage.

CACI Signature Non- Surgical Facial Toning – £60.00 – 60 Minutes – Course of 10, 60 Minute treatments £500.00

CACI’s signature Non-Surgical Facial Toning is an advanced non-invasive facial, with twenty years medical research behind it. Microcurrent impulses will lift and tone the facial muscles and the neck area, whilst improving skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This gives a more youthful, fresh appearance and glow.

CACI Eye Revive- £35.00 – 30 Minutes

The CACI Eye Revive treatment uses serum filled CACI microcurrent rollers together with a deeply nourishing Hydro Eye Mask to lift hooded eye lids, reduce puffiness and dark circles and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

Hydratone Facial - £30.00 – 30 Minutes

Hydratone uses an intensive, anti-ageing Hydro Mask that will instantly rehydrate, revitalise and plump the skin. Hydratone combines active microcurrent rollers which restore muscle tone, firmness and propel the ingredients deep into the skin. It has an immediate cooling effect that will soothe and calm any skin redness and irritation. To finish this treatment you will receive a luxurious chest , face & scalp massage. Great for a special occasion gives a fantastic result after just one treatment and is perfect for brides to be.

CACI Jowl Lift - £25.00 – 25 Minutes

The CACI Jowl Lift has been developed to specifically target muscle laxity around the jawline which can cause drooping jowls and loose skin. This treatment is specially designed to lift and firm the muscles and refine facial contours to give a firmer, more toned appearance.

Ultra Skin Rejuvenation - £45.00 – 45 Minutes

The Ultra Skin Rejuvenation treatment uses ultrasonic peeling to revitalise and deeply cleanse the skin, leaving a brighter, smoother complexion. CACI’s unique Wrinkle Comb will then target fine lines and wrinkles providing a non-invasive alternative to collagen injections with LED light therapy to help heal the skin and trigger tissue repair.

CACI Orbital Microdermabrasion - £30.00 – 30 Minutes

This soothing treatments targets severe acne concerns where exfoliation is not advised.  The treatment uses blue and red light therapy (renowned for its anti-bacterial and anti- inflammatory healing properties) combined with the Hydro Mask to soothe and calm, as well as reduce redness and irritation.

CACI Wrinkle Revolution - £20.00 – 20 Minutes

Target deep lines and wrinkles, such as crow’s feet or laughter lines with the CACI Wrinkle Comb.  This treatment is a non-invasive, needle free alternative to collagen injections and dermal fillers that will instantly plump fine lines and wrinkles from the very first treatment.

Information for packages;

After a course of 10 treatments you can expect to see a more youthful and toned appearance with healthy and glowing skin. For best results, we recommend 2 treatments per week for the first 10 sessions are required. To prolong effects of packages we recommend that follow-up monthly maintenance treatments are applied, as otherwise facial muscles will eventually return to original appearance. Payment plans are available, and we can discuss these over your free consultation.

AromaWorks Facials

Beauty Award Winner 3 years in a row and multi award winner, this brand uses nature’s finest 100% Pure Essential Oils and Botanical extracts, proven to be clinically effective. After years of scientific and clinical research they succeeded in creating the products which improve the appearance of skin, reduces the signs of ageing and tackles very real skin ailments such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea whilst being paraben free, nut free, gluten free, animal cruelty free, vegan friendly and even safe to use during breastfeeding and pregnancy.

The Absolute Facial – £40.00 – 60 Minutes

A wonderfully relaxing yet instantly effective facial treatment tailored to suit your needs. Once the skin has been thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated, one of our Signature Facial Oils will be massaged into the face, neck, shoulders and scalp. Our super-hydrating Absolute Face Serum will then be left to melt into the skin whilst you enjoy either our hand or foot energy massage. The anti-ageing properties of our 14 BioActive ingredients, leave your skin with improved elasticity and a bright youthful appearance.

The Absolute Express Facial – £27.50 – 30 Minutes

This shortened version of our full facial is perfect for a quick refresher when you cannot spare a whole hour of pampering. A condensed but active treatment to effectively repair and restore your skin.

The Absolute Facial and Back Massage – £55.00 – 90 Minutes

The perfect duo. Introducing the treatment with a welcome back massage, this helps relax you instantly while reducing stress and muscle tension, this will then flow through into your wonderfully relaxing Absolute Facial.

Thermo-Therapy Melt Facial – £50.00 – 60 Minutes

Indulge in sixty minutes of heaven, customising your facial for your skin needs and concerns. Volcanic basalt stones are used to help melt away tension and fatigue. The warm, smooth stones are used gently on the face and neck, to stimulate circulation which helps with removal of toxins, excess fluid and tension.

Hot stone thermo-therapy Facial and Back treatment – £65.00 – 75 Minutes

The most indulgent top to toe body treatment, perfect for aching bodies. Once laid on the warm heated bed the warm basalt stones will be applied throughout the entire treatment, the perfect amount treatment to switch off and relax.

Casmara Facials

The Royal Highness - £60.00 – 60 Minutes

Your skin will be spoilt with a cocktail of toning, exfoliating, steaming and hydrating! For the ‘piece de resistance’ we will apply our unique 24 Carat Gold Mask! The presence of this precious metal, gold dust has an immediate tightening effect which reinforces and lifts the skin luminosity, whilst at the same time boosting the effects of the other active ingredients. Ending the treatment, you will be treated to a luxurious chest, face and scalp massage. We can’t end ‘The Royal Highness’ without treating the rest of the body, so you will be treated to a deeply relaxing arm, hand and foot massage to be greeted with Honey and Camomile tea to finish.

The Godmother of All - £60.00 – 60 Minutes

The facial begins with a deeply purifying facial steam, exfoliation and blackhead extraction to cleanse away impurities and loosen dirt and contaminants that are clogging the pores. The ‘Detox Mask’ will then be applied to the skin which will help draw out remaining toxins whilst hydrating and balancing the skin surface. Once your skin has had the purify of its life, we will treat you to a deeply relaxing and soothing chest, face and scalp massage. This deeply purifying experience really will leave your skin feeling hydrated and revitalised, whilst reducing any blemishes and redness. You will be treated to a warming and uplifting fruit tea after your facial to bring you round from this deeply invigorating treatment.